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Get "The Simple Boutonniere", because you have better things to do.

Simple by design

This product was created to benefit anyone who has ever had trouble attaching a Boutonniere or Corsage for any occasion. People shouldn’t have to worry about if their Boutonniere or Corsage will fall off or tilt sideways during their big day or event!

Florists are too busy to have to worry about attaching extra devices into Boutonnieres or Corsages.

“The Simple Boutonniere” is a safe and reliable product that is simple for the consumer to use and requires no extra work for the florists.

The Simple Boutonniere is made in the USA
We are centrally located in Missouri for convenient shipping options nationwide.

Customer Testimonial

Dear Jeremy,
Thank you for designing the awesome "Simple Boutonniere" concept!
As we explain the method of the Simple Boutonniere, our customers are amazed!
They all say,"why didn't I think of that?"
We include the Simple Boutonniere with all our pin-on corsage and boutonniere orders.
We recently received an order from you; however, once fall dances start we'll be re-ordering once again.
Best wishes for continued success!

Sheila Robbins
Flowerama of Springfield

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